2019 - Going Slowly


This year I am purposefully going slowly into 2019. Usually I stack up a huge amount of giant goals that I more or less abandon by June. This year I’m taking the month of January to really think through goals and what they mean to my work and life. I love the planning, love it, but I’m not so good about seeing how much work those plans are generating. Just because I can see it and map it out, doesn’t mean I can do it.

2018 was tough on people I know and love. Not just the political climate, and social media chaos, but so many people I know had a hard personal year. My work year was wonderful, my personal world was tough. We’re dealing with dementia in our family, and my daughter has been ill and is having surgery this month. On top of that, I spent a lot of 2018 comparing myself to other people, coming up short, and feeling bad about it.

My hope for 2019 is that we are kind to ourselves and find happiness, even small joys, especially when life feels dark.

For me that means slowing down, and stepping away from things and people that make me feel less. It means seeking out and enjoying the people and things that make me feel happy. I’ll be doing a lot of spinning, knitting and weaving this year, my way, at my pace.

I feel grateful that my work allows me to connect with people through teaching and writing. It gives me such joy if words I write or things I teach answer a question, help someone relax or make someone happy, even in the smallest way.

Here’s to a slower year full of creativity and laughter!