Jillian has been with Knitty in some way or other since the very first issue. She's been the editor of Knittyspin, Knitty's spinning little sister, since 2010.


Jillian's Craftsy class, Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want, takes you on ride with plying: why to, when to and how to. Interested? Here's a discount link for the class.


PLY Magazine

I remember the day Jacey called and said, "I want to do a magazine", I said , "You're crazy, let's do it!" Jillian is on the Editorial Board for PLY magazine and is a frequent contributor.

Interweave Video

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Along with Amy Singer, Jillian wrote the two fat-positive knitting books Big Girl Knits (Random House, 2004) and More Big Girl Knits (Random House, 2006). Both books are currently out of print, but are still available at many knitting shops and online booksellers.

Jillian is currently writing a spinning book for Storey Publishing. Shhh, it's kind of a secret.

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