I Made It! What's Next?

Whew! That was a wild few weeks. Now I'm 90% done on my book and can take a few very deep breaths. I had a couple of weeks that I'm sure more than few of you will recognize. Those special times when you've missed a deadline and are racing to catch up, but you've accepted other deadlines based on meeting the first deadline and they all jam together like a bumper car snarl? Yes, that. Take that and sprinkle liberally with illness, travel and general kid busyness and that was my past few weeks.

Now it's less busy with regular deadlines and I can start thinking about what's next. What's next, is my favorite part of all things. I was the kid during storytime (and after storytime), tugging on a sleeve asking, "Then what happens?".

I have some big dreams and maybe-plans that I'm not quite ready to share that are bubbling away. I have more immediate things coming right up including our kitchen remodel, teaching at Madrona, starting a spinning newsletter, making plans for college with my girl, who's a junior this year. But right now I have a few days to catch up on email and shepherd forward my regular work that got sidelined during my last scramble.


I have plans for things that are fibery, but not work. Anyone who does paycheck work in the same place that they find their personal relaxation and creativity will tell you it's hard to make time for the fun and relaxing part. It's easy for me to keep putting it at the end of the list, even if it's just swatching a new yarn that I'm excited about. Two biggies for me are, knitting a Lopi sweater (I bought the yarn when I visited WEBS last month) and taking an online tapestry weaving class with tapestry guru Rebecca Mezoff. I am determined to make time for both, wish me luck!

How do you depressurized after a big project?