Working: I'm a Weekly Planner

In the world of trying-to-be-organized folks, we talk about being a daily or weekly planner. Do you like to look at the things you have to do in a daily view (one page per day) or a weekly view (a week over a page or a page spread).

I know that I am a weekly planner. My day to day, while having deadlines and some specific times to work, is fluid. I like to look at everything I need and would like to accomplish for a week and every morning plan my strategy for the day.

My planner, which is an inexpensive Muji notebook, has a weekly 2 page spread that I draw. The top of the spread has my week marked out by day. The bottom, the things I'd like to get accomplished that week by category.

In the daily columns, I list tasks in the largest part, using Bullet Journal notations, the middle section is for appointments and the bottom part is what's for dinner.

The weekly category lists are filled by looking at my project task lists and calendar. I also have separate spots in the spread to list the important must-do things for the week, big things that are coming up quickly, what I need to remember for next week, weekly check boxes for things like daily yoga, and a spot for wild hair notes.

I've been doing a weekly spread for a couple of years and know that is the one true way for me. I've been using this particular spread for a few months and still tweak it a little every week.

How do you organize your week?