Spring Break Pickle Jar


This week is Spring Break for my kids. We are happily staying home this year. But that doesn't mean we're doing nothing. I put out a pickle jar a week ago and asked everyone to put ideas of things to do in it. I have yet to crack it open, but I already know some of the things in there - go to the Dexter Bakery (best apple fitters on the planet), go to the Diego and Frida exhibit at the DIA, have various playdates, visit Kate & Kirsten's new puppies, watch the basketball playoffs, play board games, clean your rooms (I wonder who put that in there?).

Lots of little stuff, but mostly everyone wants to just hang out, which makes me happy. The older the kids get the more life feels like a forced march and a wandery type of break is just perfect.

What is your family doinfg for break? We'll be home with the pickle jar, can I bring you a fritter?