I pressed the big button

On Monday I pressed the big scary Send button on my book manuscript. For those of you that haven't heard me talk all about it, I'm writng a spinning book for Storey that will be out in 2016.

I've worked on the manuscript for over a year, including two extensions (the people at Storey are very understanding).

Now it is in the hands of my editor and I'm waiting for the first round of edits/questions/comments to come my way. It's a little nerve wracking.

While I wait I have plenty to do - samples to spin, articles to write and that deep dark hole of my desk and email to attend to. I let myself fall out of good work habits while I taught and finished up my manuscript the past five weeks. I have three email inboxes to attend to and this crazy pile of paper.

More than 6" of paper. On Tuesday I spent four hours touching every single piece  of it and making lists. Today is email day. Wish me luck!