PLYAWAY - Just the Facts!

I'm sure you've heard, but if you haven't, PLY Magazine is having a retreat, PLYAWAY!

It's the first big all spinning retreat since SOAR. Here are all of the facts I know you want to know. Facts with pretty pictures are on the PLYAWAY site:


April 21-24, 2016


Kansas City, Missouri at the Crown Center Westin

(If you are oldish like me - yes, this is the place that had a walkway collapse a long time ago (1981), but they've fixed that)

Who's Teaching?

Me and whole bunch of big names; Beth Smith, Amy King, Deb Robson, Stephenie Gaustad, Abby Franquemont, Esther Rogers, Michelle Boyd. Patsy Zawistoski, Amy Tyler and Chris Pappas.

(No, Jacey isn't teaching, she's running the retreat. She will be everywhere, talking to everyone and is hosting the big Spin In)


Not telling yet, but they are based on the first two years of PLY Magazine: Color, Woolen, Shetland, Worsted, Silk, Twist, and Leicester. Keep peeking here to check on class listings.

How much?

2-day classes: $260

1-day classes: $145

1/2-day classes: $85

I'm broke!

There is a scholarship for an all expense paid trip to PLYAWAY. If you donate to the scholarship you are entered in to a drawing for an all expense paid trip to PLYAWAY.


Oh hell yes! There are 40 booths available, not sure of the number of vendors yet.

Theme Song?

Nope. But if someone were to ask me, it should be the song below, subtly altered, but still sung, in person, by Lenny Kravitz. You're welcome.