When You Get Busy What Goes Off the Rails?

Our house has been crazy busy since March. We've had regular school (until summer) and girl 4x a week diving practices, lately the boy has picked up an instrument lesson and now practices his sport 3x a week instead of 1.

Kid busy we're mostly prepared for, but Andy and my work have both taken off. I've taught a bunch, prepped and filmed two videos, turned in my book manuscript and have been spinning samples like crazy. That's on top of my usual writing and Knitty work. Andy has inherited more book selling territory due to a retirement which means more travel and he's started an all new division at his work. All of it is excellent and exciting for us and our careers, but it is time consuming.

Those of you who know me in person know this isn't going to be one of those. "I'm so busy, but here are 15 Pinterest-worthy things I do every day to make my life complete" In fact, the busier I get the more the internet and it's fake sense of "it's all good, clean and organized AND creative" enrages me. I can't open Facebook without cussing.

I knew it would happen since we are messy folks to start with, but wow is our house a pit! There are a couple of pictures over there, I hope it makes the messy among you feel at home. Right now we have a train of 5 laundry baskets in our hallway, full of clean clothes. They have been there for months, we just wash the dirty and add a new clean clothes car at the end. The top picture is a corner of our living room, a.k.a my office, those are boxes of samples and boxes of fiber waiting to be samples. They were piled neater under a table, but the table was removed to make a fort/fingerboard skate park and I just haven't restacked. The kitchen gets done daily, but only in a half-assed way.

Cooking is the other thing. I dread our credit card bill every month just because I can't believe how much more we go out to eat. Packaged food has become a bigger thing too, it's the only thing I have a bit of guilt about. But I have zero guilt for the ginormous frozen lasagne I bought when an email came for food contributions for the high school swim and dive picnic.

I'm not complaining, I'm definately not looking for advice. I'm just remarking on the hilarity of our life compared to what the internet usually shows and talks about. Our family could spend weekends cleaning, cooking and organizing or we could hire someone. I'd rather just hang out with my people or go camping, because there is one thing I'm not willing to budge on no matter what, our family time together.

None of it really bugs me. Would I rather it was picked up? Sure. Do I wish I had more time to cook? Yep. But it's not going to happen right now. I'm hoping for maybe the end of September.