Getting Ready to Weave

As a matter of fact you did read that right, I'm getting ready to weave. Beth and I have a project we're doing together that involves weaving and spinning.

Easy weaving, weaving on a rigid heddle loom, mine is a 15" Cricket from Schacht. We're both going to weave on a rigid heddle loom with handspun to make something to wear, and that's where the similarity stops. We'll both do our own very different thing.

First I have to remember how to weave and even before that I have to build my loom. Right now it looks like a box.

I have a project I know I want to do, but the middle part is still murky and there is math standing between me and the weaving.

I'm going to assemble the loom today and weave a quick scarf to warm up my weaving skills, then a plan with math.

Are any of you weaving on a rigid heddle? What are you making?