Here's Why I Haven't Started My Weaving

I should have started weaving already. I'm doing some for fun and some for a project to be revealed soon. I have a bunch of stuff piled on my loom, but I haven't started. I figured out why today. Ego.

I used to weave. I had an 8-harness floor loom. I wove my way through Handwoven Laces by Donna Muller and took a ton of classes and workshops. That was 20+ years ago. I was sure I would remember everything about weaving and just jump right back in. Big Fat Ego.

The truth is I don't even remember how to calculate the warp I need for a scarf. Big Fat Ego Check. Somewhere in between the Big Fat Ego and the Big Fat Ego Check I got paralysed. I think I knew deep down I had no idea how to start, but didn't want to admit it.

Once I was honest with myself, that I wasn't going to remember any of it, I was embaressed, but then I relaxed about it all. A big chunk of stress I felt about the whole project fell away.

I got out my weaving books and started from the beginning. I've already learned that floor loom weaving and rigid-heddle weaving are different beasts. Which is excellent because I never much liked weaving on a floor loom. I did it and kept doing it because I liked working with yarn and I liked the other weavers.

So far I can see rigid-heddle weaving is less fiddly and takes less time. I have to sacrifce intricate woven patterns, but it's a trade I'll happily make.

I'm still a little embaressed to think I could remember math calculations from 20 years ago when I can't remember things I learned last week.