Batt Questions Answered and a Kitchen Update

Polwarth/Tussah batt from Into the Whirled. Photo by Into the Whirled

Polwarth/Tussah batt from Into the Whirled. Photo by Into the Whirled

Interweave sent out an email blast on Wednesday about my video 12 (Plus!) Ways to Spin Batts, that included a photo of a sexy, sexy batt. I got quite a few emails from spinners wanting to know, Where can I get one? How did you make it? What kind of drum carder did you use?

First off, I didn't make the batt! The genius and creative minds of Cris and James at Into the Whirled made that batt. It's Polwarth and silk. They make such fantastic batts that they have a batt club to help fill the demand.

They use a Strauch Double Wide Electric Carder to make all of their batts. I've used one and it makes wonderfully smooth batts.

Rhinebeck is the next time to get batts from Into the Whirled, for the last few years they've been in building C, but check the vendor map before you go on your batt shopping spree.

Here's a quick kitchen update: I win. Heh, can you tell I'm an only child? Actually, we compromised. Light cabinets and dark counters. A huge thanks to everyone that gave suggestions and told me their kitchen stories, it helps a lot.

Now the discussions move on to flooring. So tell me about your kitchen floors! We'll be replacing the flooring on the whole first floor. We're finally getting rid of the gross brown carpeting in our living and dining room and some impossible to clean white, textured vinyl in the kitchen.

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