Spinning and Weaving with Schacht

Yesterday on the Schacht blog, Beth Smith and I launched a series about weaving with handspun. It's less of a how-to and more of a follow-along-as-we-learn type of series. Both of us have recently felt the siren song of weaving with our handspun on a rigid heddle loom. Beth wants to make skirts and I want to make accessories.

We are having a great time. We love fiber equally, but approach it differently. Beth prefers to work with specific breeds, prepped herself, undyed. She's working with finer yarns and is looking forward to creating something cut and sewn. I'd rather have something on and done in a weekend with lots of color and texture. Cut and sew? Not me, but I'd like to explore hand sewing for joining pieces and embellishment.

We'll be on the Schacht blog about twice a month for four months, come see what spinning and weaving fun we have.

If you have tips about weaving with handspun, I'd love to hear them.