My Three Big Things of 2015

I had a crazy busy and crazy wonderful 2015. I've been rolling it all around in my head for the past couple of weeks and I think I've managed to group the year into three big things that made it especially great.


My family, of course, always. This year was more fun, maybe because the kids are older and we're all so busy that we need to makean effort to spend time together. My absolute favorite thing was our camping trip in northern Michigan. Everyone put down their phones and we just just hung out. Our bigger family welcomed a new member this year, a perfect little boy, more family to love. My youngest started middle school this year and my oldest is a Junior, making college plans; time goes faster and faster. We have fun family plans for 2016. I wonder where we'll camp this year?



Teaching in person and on video. I taught at the Craft Guild of Iowa City, at the inaugural Yarn Fest and as the first instructor at my friend Carla's new studio. I taught measuring for spinning as a webinar and put out two spinning videos with Interweave. I really enjoy teaching, talking about my way of approaching spinning and hearing about everyone else's ways of doing and thinking about spinning. And the people! Nothing compares than the live and in-person coming together of spinners and fiber people, it is an explosion of energy.   I never feel luckier and more grateful than after teaching. I have a lot more teaching for 2016 and I'm doing two more videos with Interweave.


Writing a book. Holy crap, I wrote a book. It comes out in July-August and I still can't really believe it. I did a whole lot of writing this year, my book (eee!) and articles for PLY, Spin Off and Knittyspin. I wrote a lot of blog posts and did an out-of-my-comfort-zone blog series for Schacht with Beth on spinning and weaving.

2015 was amazing. 2016 is going to be even better!