Blending with Natural Sample Number Three

nat maya fiber+open yarn.jpg

Here's another sample in my experiments with adding natural to a variegated top, Maya from Cjkoho designs.

This time I spun a singles and integrated the natural as an additional color in the yarn. It was easy! As I spun the top, every time I finished the blue/purple color, I broke the top andI spun a chunk of the natural. I like the finished yarn, but when I knit it, I see that maybe my chunks of natural were a little too big. I like the frequency of the natural in the yarn, but the next time I do this I would probably reduce each natural chunk by a third.


The next sample I do will be a 2-ply using this idea for each ply. I think I will reduce the natural by half or more and and place the natural after a different color in each ply. Check back next week to see how it comes out.

Have you been experimenting with anything?