Handspun by Floyd Skloot

Handspun by Floyd Skloot

My wife sits in her swivel chair

ringed by skeins of multicolored yarn

that will become the summer sweater

she has imagined since September.

Her hand rests on the spinning wheel

and her foot pauses on the pedals

as she gazes out into the swollen river.

Light larking between wind and current

will be in this sweater. So will a shade

of red she saw when the sun went down.

When she is at her wheel, time moves

like the tune I almost recognize now

that she begins to hum it, a lulling

melody born from the draft of fiber,

clack of spindle and bobbin, soft

breath as the rhythm takes hold.

Folyd Skloot lives in Oregon. His most recent book is Approaching Winter, from Louisiana State University Press.

Thanks to Beth at Lorna's Laces for first posting this!