Rhinebeck 2016

I can't say Rhinebeck without adding a wistful sigh, it really is that wonderful. Fiber, yarn sheep, spinning, knitting and weaving are everywhere and no one thinks you're a weirdo for talking obsessively about any or all of those things, it's like finding a fuzzy Atlantis or Brigadoon.

The people are the number one reason I love Rhinebeck. I was lucky to get to sign my book for a bunch of spinners while I was there, so I got to see extra smiling faces. But the oldies are the goodies, the fiber friends I only see once a year or every few years. There was much hugging.

Some of the cool things I managed to get photos of:

  • WooLee Winder has a new electric wheel - so new it's not on their website yet.
  • Jill Draper's Studio party - it was a fantastic crush of people.
  • Green Mountain Spinnery had Kate Salomon's Beekeeper's Smock in their booth - must make!
  • The fleece sale, Into the Whirled and Lisa Souza, I petted a lot but resisted this time.
  • A new-to-me fiber artist Classy Squid Fiber Co.

Then there is the shopping part, here's what I brought home:

It's always a lightening fast few days but the warm fuzzies last a long time afterwards.