Friends Can Fix Anything

I'm having a busy fall. I am enjoying every minute of it, but it's busy. Between teaching, writing work and college visits it's been a while since I've had a whole day off. By the time I hug my friends goodbye at Rhinebeck I will have traveled 5 weekends in a row and just snatched half days off here and there in between.

Last Thursday I was feeling particualry tired and wrung out, but then this happened and I was topped off and ready to go again. I really believe that friends can fix almost anything! Carla, Beth and I talked and laughed and poured out all things you do with friends you've known for more than a decade. Bonus points when they are in the same business and really get how much you can love traveling and how tiring it is all tied up in a pretty bow.

I'm on the road as I'm writing this, I'm still pretty beat, but I'm full of new ideas for projects, classes, articles and maybe a new book - all thanks to my friends.