Do I Still Spin?


I've been waiting for someone to ask me me if I still spin; if I'm going to write about spinning again on this blog. The answer is YES!

Like everyone in the world I've been busy, plus haven't planned well for the spinning part of the blog. The spinning I've been doing has been for magazines, things I can't show yet. But check out this curly bobbin of fun - it's only partially secret becasue it's not done yet.



The book is getting it's last goings over. I just sent in 5 pages of notes after seeing the second pages. If you're going to be at Yarn Fest, I'll have my book pages there and you can take a peek.

I am so excited for everyone to see it. It seems like it took forever. My release date is August, this August. Yay!




The kitchen will be done tomorrow! Look at the cabinets, the color! I do love it and plan on cooking all weekend. Along with the kitchen we had our living room floors done, transformed from 1970's brown pile to oak.

We have a lot of thinking about rearranging the house to do. My husband jokes about having no furniture and just sitting in a lawn chair and gazing lovingly at the kitchen and the living room.

I'm considering an office in our basement, which is currently unfinished, dry, but has no big windows. I wouldn't be doing a fancy finish on the basement. Do any of you work in a basement home office?

If you need me, I'll be cooking in my new kitchen!