Stitching and Kitchen Updates

I am still doing a little stitching. I carry a small square in my planner so I always have it at hand. I intended to use these practice squares as breaks from work, but I just haven't made it a habit yet.

I finished a fly stitch square and the next will be chain stitch. I sketch shapes and lines in pencil, just for guides. Most of the time I work a plain version of the stitch, but with chain stitch I want to learn some different styles, knotted, open, and 2-color. My goal with this next practice square is to stitch more often. Less shopping for ink, more stitching on work breaks.

What's going on with the kitchen? We have new drywall and lots of lighting. Next are floors and cabinets. We're trying to roll with it all. The flooring is living in our family room- it makes a convenient footstool and stage. We are getting carry-out more than I wanted even though I am in love with my fancy pressure cooker/slower cooker. Just a few more weeks.......