Donegal Tweed on NPR

A couple of days ago there was a short piece on NPR about the handweaving studio in Kilcar, Ireland, Studio Donegal Spinners and Handweavers. It was an interview with the owner about the thriving business they are doing making and selling handwoven Irish tweed accessories and garments. They sell yarn on their site too.

I visited Studio Donegal 20 years ago on my honeymoon. For 10 days we drove around Ireland drinking Guinness, listening to music and hunting yarn.  The business wasn't as big as it is now and the weaving and yarn were in separate shops. It was small enough that I got a quick tour of the mill and spent some time with the woman who cooked up the gorgeous tweedy colors on handcards. They had mill ends in their shop and I got into big trouble. Andy and I had to buy a dufflebag to get all of my yarn home. I knit few things out of that yarn and still have some. The tape holding the labels on may have yellowed over time, but the yarn is still beautiful. This is stash I will never get rid of, the memories win over any space considerations. Plus, tweed yarn never goes out of style!