PLY Away

The inaugural PLY Away is over.  It was such an honor to be included in the very first PLY Away, a history making event. Over 300 spinners (spinners, teachers and vendors) gathered in one place to celebrate what we love, for the fist time since the last SOAR. It was remarkable.

Spinners came from all over the world. Teachers came from all over North America. The students ranged from beginners to shouldn't-you-be-teaching? advanced. They all brought the same things, curiosity, skill and joy. I have never encountered such a joyous group of students. We rarely get to be with just spinners, especially in such number. I couldn't stop smiling.

The teachers, well look at the list on the shirt! It was an astonishing collection of spinning knowledge. It's always important to honor your teachers by learning from them. This year it seemed critical to get together and teach. We lost Alden Amos, an amazing teacher, earlier in the year and I felt like we were passing along everything we've learned from him over the years by teaching at PLY Away. If you listened hard with your heart you could hear his booming voice echoing down the halls as we gathered to teach and learn.

PLY Away touched something deep in me. It reminded me how much I love to teach and how deeply important spinning is to me. It was like nothing else to share that with 299 like-minded and like-hearted folks. Thank you Jacey for putting on such a spectacular event!