My Book Is Here!

me & book 1st.jpg

My book is here! One copy showed up at my house unannounced. I even ignored it for a day since, by the packaging, I thought it was a book to review. But when I opened it, all the happy came flooding out. You can see in the picture just how much happy there is.

I am happy, excited, nervous for this book, but mostly am I grateful. Grateful to all of the people who helped or encouraged me along the way. My family who lived in piles of fiber for a long time. My friends who listened and answered questions and applied the often needed foot to butt. All of the folks at my publisher, my editor with her ceaseless kindness and patience, my photographer and book designer who made it so beautiful. The designers who contributed such wonderful designs to the work. My students who asked all the right questions at exactly the right time. Every person that I asked. "Hey, what do you think of....." or "What about this color......"

I might have teared up when I opened it. It's rare when a big project meets, much less exceeds expectation. I am so proud.

Now I carry it with me almost everywhere, in case I run into someone I know. It was in my bag at the grocery store and at my daughter's swim and dive team picnic. To be really honest, I am showing it to near strangers and complete strangers too, our UPS driver, one of the librarians at my favorite library branch. Everyone smiles.

But no one is smiling as much as I am!