Lazy Spinner's Guide to WPI and Twist

I might have mentioned before that I am a Lazy Spinner. Give me quick and easy, as the crow flies, the fewer tools the better, all ish, that's me. And I love the yarn I make with my lazy ways, which is the most important part.

Here is how this Lazy Spinner checks WPI and even twist most of the time. I make a quick control card. I use big manila shipping tags and wrap a length of fresh yarn around it. I also record any number of spinning tidbits on it, anything that I want to remember.

Then while I'm spinning I periodically stop and hold my yarn again the control card. In the photos you can see that the yarn fresh from the orifice is a pretty close match. I can even see that the twist is close. I call that newly spun yarn good!

For the curious, I'm spinning a low twist singles, and the fiber blend has both mohair and silk, so the twist can pretty low.