Yarn Fest 2017

Yarn Fest 2017 was a blast! It's relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I have about a million more ideas thanks to my very curious students and fellow teachers. Here's a quickie recap. Of course, I didn't take many pictures

Look at this sweater! Renee made Julia Farwell-Clay's  Tetris from Yarnitecture from her handspun. It's gorgeous and perfect!





I did a tiny bit of shopping. A little natural Yak/Cashmere/Silk and dyed Cashmere from Lisa Souza - I may just roll in it all, it's so soft, a spindle from Greensleeves - because Stephanie made me, three sets of yak/silk gradients from Greenwood Fiberworks - they just glow, and from Redfish Dyeworks Merino/Silk, BFL/silk and Alpaca/silk - one is for my Fibershare buddy, but I'm not telling which one.









I witnessed the best thing I've ever seen in a marketplace at this Yarn Fest. When I was shopping in the Greensleeves booth there was a woman from Belgium who has a best friend in Berlin, both are avid Greensleeves spindle collectors. Elizabeth and the woman from Belgium were helping the friend in Berlin choose spindles via FACETIME. I have never heard so much happy squealing come from a phone as each group of spindles were held up. So much fun and so much joy!