What Should I Read on My Trip?

I'm counting the days until I leave on my almost two week trip. I'm sorting the odds and ends, what to knit and what to read. I'd like to take just three fiction books, I think that's the most I can hope to read, plus I've got some back up on my iPad.

I'm thinking of Hild and another book. I'd like something fat, but available in paperback. I've only once picked the right fat book at the right time for a vacation in my life.  A Solider of the Great War for a week long back country camping trip.

What do you suggest?


A small word of caution for those of you thinking about winnowing your stash. Keep a few of all the basics.  I went through my stash not too long ago, medium-aggressively. For this trip I got it in my head I want to knit socks (it's been years). I went hunting for some Regia or Opal yarn, plain, perfect, easy. One, that's all I left myself in my clearing out, one skein of Opal. I'm hoping this lack of sock yarn won't set me on a Regia/Opal buying frenzy in Germany.