I Am Curious About These Carts



I'm still unpacking from Wisconsin Sheep and Wool (which was so much fun!) and I can't stop thinking about the carts a lot of the spinners were using to tote their wheels and spinning stuff.

They hold a ton -  a wheel, folding chair, tool bag, shopping, a lunch cooler and collapse into the back of a car. I've never seen so many spinners using them as I did at this show.



timber ridge folding cart.jpg

They aren't cheap, but could make my shelping life easier. Do spinners use them outside of a fairground setting? They're kind of big to get in an elevator and roll around a hotel retreat. On the other hand, I usually take up half of the elevator with all of my Ikea bags.

If you have one, will you tell me how much you love it, if you use it at hotel and shop based classes and where you got yours. Many thanks!

I'm already thinking of ways to decorate my cart. I'm sunk aren't it?