PlyAway - What I Bought

blog ply haul.jpg

I was frighteningly restrained at Ply Away. I was busy! I made it into the market only a couple of times and once was to sheepdog students back to class. I saw so many beautiful things, it was hard to choose.

I bought a support spindle from Brookmore Creations, I bought a pair of earrings from Lucky Heron Studio, and a pen, a TWSBI 580. That's it. I know, check my temperature. I did help other people buy things, including a Hansen miniSpinner. 

There were many pens bought with suggestions and giddy dancing by me in the pen store. Even Maggie Casey and Judith MacKenzie succumbed to the siren song (or maybe it was my dancing).

So much happened at Ply Away this year, but that's for another post.