Tour de Fleece Sock Yarn, It's Fine

tour de fleece 2018.jpg

For the first time in probably forever, I hit a spinning goal. Of course, my goal for the Tour de Fleece was to spin one braid of fiber into yarn to make socks.

A small goal met is still a goal met, and it was really satisfying. What wasn't as satisfying to me was how inconsistent my yarn is. 

I was hoping for a nice fingering weight, about 14+ WPI. Instead my WPI ranges from 10-14, sport to fingering. I have 300 yards, so making a pair of shorty socks will be no problem.

What made my yarn so inconsistent? Laziness and that phrase that all makers use, "it's fine". That phrase is the crafter's version of my southern favorite, "Bless her heart". It's 100% code.


When anyone making anything says, "it's fine" or "it will be fine" what they really mean is, "this is probably f'ed up, but I don't want to figure out why or how to fix it, so I'll keep on, and change my plan as I go."

Which is exactly what I did. I dreamed of 400 yards of sock yarn, fingering or finer, to make a pair of plain vanilla socks, but got 300 yards of fingering to sport. So I changed my sock idea to short socks at a bigger gauge. Of course I haven't knit a swatch yet.

What bit me was spinning a yarn that's not my default and not checking in more with my yarn along the way. I checked my singles against my control card, but stopped checking against my plyback sample before I was even halfway through my braid. My twist went back to my default, instead of the extra bit of twist I wanted, giving me a bigger yarn.

Even though it's not exactly what I wanted, I'm happy with my yarn and I'm still going to make one very pretty pair of socks!

I hope all of you who spun in the Tour ended up with yarns you love!