Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool - I'm a Smitten Kitten

WW beauty small.jpg

This weekend I taught at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival (more on that next week) and it was wonderful. The last thing I expected to happen was to fall hard for a yarn. How hard? Please, I'd-like-a-whole-bag hard. The yarn is Weekend Wool by Green Mountain Spinnery.

It's been around for awhile, but not on my radar. I bought a couple of skeins to swatch for a Carbeth Cardigan (I held it double). I made sweet knitterly love to it by winding it by hand, swatching and even blocking my my swatch. The next day I asked Maureen and Kate for 12 skeins for a Carbeth. I'll be picking up my new yarn love at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.

WW close up smaller.jpg

What makes it a great yarn to me? It's soft and sturdy. The blend of breeds is genius, some Rambouillet, Columbia, Corriedale, Romney, and a big helping of Targhee. The Targhee and Rambouillet make is soft and crazy sproingy, the Columbia, Corrie, and Romney make it strong and give it good stitch definition.

It's woolen spun, so even doubled, it's light. Did I mention it's tweedy?

Can you see me doing a Snoopy dance?