A Litte Weaving

with knitting.jpeg

Remember this Nest BFL fiber I spun and knit a tiny sample out of becasue I thought I might want to weave it?

Well I bought a weft yarn, naturally dyed, laceweight, merino/silk from Sincere Sheep. 1,200 yards will get me a lot of weaving.

I am crazy about the color Kung Hei Fat Choi, a red tht's more than just a red. Natural dyeing will do that, it has so much else happening. To me it's red with some electric pink pour into it, and maybe a little orange or gold around the edges

woven swatch and yans.jpg

Before I just jump on my loom I wanted to make sure that the red of Sincere Sheep will go with the red in the Nest BFL, so I wove a tiny swatch.

The sett is 8 epi on a Purl and Loop Wee Weaver. I wove it at about the same picks per inch. The swatch is tiny but I can see the reds play very well together.

When I weave it on my Cricket I'll keep it at 8 epi, and maybe weave it less than a balanced weave, a little more open.

woven swatch.jpg

The rest of my yarn is outside drying. It's above freezing! In Michigan! Then it's math time before the warping and spinning.

It's going to be a scarf with some twisted fringe. Right now, I'm happy with the idea of just weaving scarves.