PLY Away 4 - A Visual Recap

PA first 4.jpg

This will be a photo heavy post because I know you like to look at all of the pictures.

PLY Away was wonderful as always, so many familiar faces, and so many people to hug.

It is an amazing thing to be around hundreds of spinners at one time. I think our energy could lift the roof off of the hotel. The non-spinners in the elevators are always curious, “ What are you doing? Everyone is so happy!”

We love not having to explain or backtrack in our conversations. If someone whips out some fresh fleece and starts talking crossbreeds and microns, everyone understands. Heaven.

PA second 4.jpg

I had new excited students, and was so happy to see a whole bunch of students I’ve had before. They are starting to feel like family.

I premiered three new classes, and had a new focus for my Spin and Nosh class. Spin and Nosh was raucous, there was a lot of wine and Jill of Hipstrings, whose fiber was featured in class, brought the shopping to us after the market closed. It was the best kind of chaos.

I was lucky to get a spot in Judith’s spinning paper class. It was such a restful half of a day in the middle of teaching.

Clara Parkes, wool warrior, was our Friday night speaker. Sheep really don’t know how good they have it with an advocate like Clara. She is smart, funny, and tough. She wants to change the way the world sees and uses wool, and we are right there with her.

pa shopping.jpg

Of course there was shopping. I had a modest haul this year.

Fiber-wise, I bought raw fleece (don’t faint) from Ross Farms for an upcoming article, Abstract Fiber Arts new AOC colorway on three different fiber blends, and her Deschutes colorway on BFL/silk.

I mostly bought tools, the Hansen Lazy Kate and ball holder (it’s spins so smoothly!), Hipstrings genius new Z Loom with interchangeable dents, and Clemes and Clemes cotton handcards, which are now my favorite cards.

I’ll talk more about all of my purchases as I use them in the coming weeks.

pen shopping.jpg

The Pen Place at the hotel loves PLY Away. Who knew so many spinners love fountain pens? We did, it’s a tactile thing. I have a special stash of money I save for pen shopping every year, and I stalk pens until I can shop at PLY Away. Discussing pens is always an important part of every class and every lunch. I like to shop with friends, and we usually come away with matching pens.

This year I bought the new olive Lamy Studio, a Kaweco Frosted Sport in blueberry, and a Caran d’Ache 849 in neon pink. I know Maggie Casey, Judith MacKenzie and Clara Parkes bought at least one pen and maybe more…….