Maryland Sheep & Wool: I Bought Fleeces

maryland sheep and wool with sheep.jpg

I'm just back from Maryland Sheep & Wool, which was fantastic! Want to know more about my teachng and teacher adventures? Head over to yesterday's KnittyBlog where I spill all.

I went without a shopping list (rookie mistake), but never in my dreams did I think I would buy a fleece, let alone two. But several things happened. I listened to Judith MacKenzie talk about how the fleeces at Maryland are the best in the US in her opionion. Then I was faced with this bounty. This video is 900+ fleeces ready to be sold:

mds&w fleece collage.jpg

Could you resist? Add to that Maggie Casey, Deanna Moore, and a whole host of volunteer fleece experts whispering, like the devils they are, in my ears and helping me choose.

Here’s what I got, an unusually fine and colored Finn, and a black Corrie X. Aren’t they lovely? I have no idea what I’m going to spin, but I am going to process them by hand.


Remember that I was a newbie to Maryland? Well I had a great guide, Laura Linneman, one half of the KnitGirllls podcast and SSK. She’s been going to Maryland since she was a little girl, and has only missed a few. Leslie couldn’t come because of work, but we texted her a lot.

She knew where to go, what to eat, where and when to pee, and the secret spots to sit and rest our feet. I couldn’t have asked for a better escort!

We both did a little shopping. Another mutual friend, Jess, was with us, and no one really reigned it in. It was great fun, but I’m not looking forward to my credit card bill.

Here’s the rest of my haul:

mds&w spindle collage.jpg

Two spindles from Bosworth, and a support spindle and bowl from Stephen Willette.

I will confess to touching a book charkha in the Bosworth booth, but it did not come home with me.


And all of this, clockwise from upper left: Cormo from Bumblebee Acres, a sweater’s worth of kettle dyed sport weight yarn Captain Tightpants from ITW, BFL/silk top, Polwarth top, and three skeins of kid mohair/silk form Neighborhood Fiber Co, and a skein of Corrie sock yarn from Bumblebee Acres.

I already have plans for most of it. Mohair and mohair/silk yarns are making a big comeback, I saw them everywhere. I kinda love them.

I will leave you with the famous Maryland Sheep & Wool spinning dinosaurs, father and daughter edition