DM Fibers - Meet Sasha and David

david and sasha.jpg

If you’ve taken a class with me in the past year or so you will have spun fiber from DM Fibers. All of the solid colored Corriedale that we spin into gorgeous marls and draft together with variegated fibers comes from DM Fibers.

You’ll have heard me talk about what wonderful people Sasha and David are, how easy they are to work with, and how they make my teaching life so much easier by always getting my order right and delivering on time . Plus all the fibers they have are :chef’s kiss: fabulous!

When I was at TNNA (The National Needlework Association convention), I managed to get a picture of Sasha and David, so you can see their smiling faces. They love making spinners (and teachers and shops) happy.

dm new brighter colors.jpg

They gave me a sneak peek of new colors of Corriedale. Deb Robson and I have been asking for awhile to get some brighter colors, and Sasha and David came through!

The photo is close with the colors, but what looks like red in the photo is actually magenta.

Starting this July, these colors will start showing up in my classroom ‘s rolling stash.