Taking a Little Break to Recharge and 2020 Teaching

Neighborhood Fiber Co, Alice Gadzinski on Polwarth, left and BFL/silk, right

Neighborhood Fiber Co, Alice Gadzinski on Polwarth, left and BFL/silk, right

I’m doing something new this year; I am intentionally taking time off to recharge. Our whole family is going on vacation after I teach at the Intermountain Weavers Conference in Durango, Colorado. We’re headed to Mesa Verde and Santa Fe, suggestions for food and fun are welcome.

When I get home I’ll be putting plan Recharge into effect. I’ve worked ahead as much as I can; I’m not organized enough to get a whole month ahead, but I will be reducing my work week. I’ll work two or three days right in the middle, so I can have a stretch of three or four days to make and meander.

Here are the things I want to do, spin four of the braids I’ve bought recently that keep waving at me from their basket, knit a whole something (finishing something counts), weave a scarf, wash my fleeces. I plan on spending several hours every day making something. I’ve been head-down working, and teaching non stop for almost two years. I love the work I do so much I frequently forget to fill my bucket back up.

Non-making things include exploring Detroit, reading at least 4 books, working on our yard (it’s a mess!), clearing out closets and corners, making a lot of lists, and taking a break from social media.

I am excited.

My 2020 teaching calendar is full. Unless someone cancels, I’m not taking any more gigs. If you are interested in me coming your way in 2021, shoot me an email. I’ll keep it in my teaching queue until I open my books for 2021 in February. I will update my teaching calendar as soon as I can officially announce things.