Taking the Sewing Plunge

I want to sew some of my clothes this year. Up until now my sewing consists of mostly hemming things. I have taken a sewing class here and there, but I've never really felt brave enough to make something for me.

Sonya Philip makes me feel brave. She who made 100 dresses in a year. I bought her Tunic Number 1 pattern from her Etsy shop. That's it up there. I bought fabric I love, not practice fabric but fabric I want to wear now.

I'm giving myself until the end of June to dither (I have some deadlines). But I will be wearing an octopus tunic before the end of summer.

The yarn? That's Quince Sparrow (100% linen) in the color Pidegon. I thought it looked amazing with the fabric. I have a few ideas of what to make to go with my tunic.