Yarn Fest 2015

Holy Moly the folks at Interweave know how to host an event. Yarn Fest is a multi fiber craft fun time. It's no SOAR (may she rest in peace) but a good time was had by all. There were classes, shopping and lots of hanging out. I taught 5 classes in 4 days to 122 students. It was a sprint but I had a wonderful time. At the end of every day I was energized and exhausted. My students were all accomplished spinners who wanted to learn a little something new or fine tune a skill. They asked so many smart questions. They type of questions that led me to add things to my classes or in a couple instances get the spark to create a new class. We had a great time together. You can see it in the photos, lots of work and lots of smiling. Also a batt beard and teachers drinking beer. Shocking I know, but it happens.

I was so tired by the end of most class days that I bought almost nothing at the marketplace. Truth! The marketplace was medium sized and mighty. I walked through several times and spent more time talking to people than shopping. I did notice that most booths were pretty depleted by the last day.

There is going to be a Yarn Fest again next year, March 31-April 2. I hope I'm teaching again and I hope next year it doesn't snow.