Handspun Weaving and Embroidery

My spinning and weaving blog series for Schacht with Beth came to an end last Friday, with the reveal of our finished projects. I am more than a little smitten with mine. I can't say that it came out exactly like I had planned because in my mind's eye my finished piece was always a little vague.

The woven fabric is silky and light, in a different way than BFL is when I spin and knit it. The colors of the variegated yarn came together wonderfully, but again altogether differently than knitted fabric.

The stitching was a surprise too. I was worried that the yarn I wove with would be too big, but that boldness works. I want to keep stitching all over this wrap.

Like I say in the blog post there will be more spun and woven wraps. This project pushed just enough of my curiosity buttons without being scary and overwhelming. It makes me want to figure out the why and how of the differences in woven and knitted fabric.

Can we have a few more hours in the day please?