When You've Done Too Much

The year is half over and I have done too much, but I loved every minute of it. I taught at Madrona, Yarn Fest and PLY Away. I wrote several articles for PLY and Spin Off and a bunch of blog posts. I prepped and filmed two videos for Interweave and went to TNNA. I finally sent my book, after the last agonizing edits (do I even know how to spin?) to the printer.

On the family side, we redid our kitchen (that should count for at least three things). We ushered our youngest through the last of the first year of middle school and his first foray into competitive gymnastics. Our oldest made it through her ACT, SAT, Junior year,  a couple of college visits and a lot of diving. My husband started additional responsibilities at his job and I started working full time. For fun our entire family memorized the soundtrack to Hamilton.

All of this happened since January. I loved it all, would do it again in a heartbeat, but I am beat. I am almost to the point where I can take a break. I can see blue sky and it will be only caffeine that gets me through the next couple of weeks. This morning when my alarm went off I didn't know what city I was in.

The next six months will be slower, but with a lot of planning for next year. I want to clear out a lot of things at home, the kids want to redo their rooms, I have new classes to plan and prep and just what will fill all that space now that my book is done? My girl is going to be a senior next year, so she is planning like crazy and sometimes lets us help.

I am bone tired, but it's that type of tired that brings intense satisfaction. I met so many wonderful people, saw so many friends and did things that terrified me. I didn't think I could do it all, but I did.