Video Filming at Interweave!

I've been absent on-line for a bit. There have been lots of deadlines and prepping for two new videos for Interweave. Yay! I can't say the topics yet, but they will be out this summer. I flew into Denver for a quick 2 days of filming. It always seems fast when I'm there. I love getting really prepared so I can just zip through my taping. You can see how many samples and how much fiber and tools I bring. The orange suitcase is big enough to hold a Lendrum wheel and the duffle bag is ginormous, both were pretty full.

I had an incredible crew this time. You can see Lindsay and Andrew in the photos over there, as well as my incredible makeup goddess Keegan. Not pictured are my second cameraman Garrett and the woman who organizes all things filming and keeps me sane, Jill.

Nerves are constant with me anytime I teach, but when I film videos my nerves are crazy. I don't sleep much, fill up on caffeine and am sure that I am making no sense.  But having a great team on site and practicing helps to get me through. Every time I finish filming I'm excited to come back and do another day.

This time I let Keegan convince me to have fake eyelashes. I don't wear much makeup usually, but this time I went all in.  How much fun! I couldn't stop making faces. This one is all about being the Evil Queen in Snow White.

After filming I visited a great little shop in Fort Collins called My Sister Knits and I went to Boulder and visited Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins and toured Schacht. I'll have more on those next week. Now I have a couple of deadlines nipping at me and I have to get ready to leave for TNNA. I am certainly ready for summer and a little break with my kiddos.

How's your week been? Ready for summer?