I visited Schacht!


In June I went to Interweave to film two videos (coming soon!) and finally took the time to visit Schacht Spindle Company.  I have been spinning and weaving on Schacht products for more than 25 years. I might have been a little excited.

The factory is as amazing as you might imagine. I was taken on a tour by none other than Barry Schacht. I got to see wheels and looms in various states of production. I was amazed, but not surprised at the level of detail that goes into each step along the process. And yes, it smells wonderful in there, a combination of wood and the oil they use to finish the wheels. It was clear how Schacht turns out such high quality tools, passion for what they do starting with Barry and Jane and focus on every aspect that makes their tools legendary. I even ran into Maggie Casey picking up a part for her wheel. Since I can't do anything but talk about how great it was, I'll show you pictures, so you can see that even their process is beautiful.