Traveling with Fiber

Today I'm packing for a trip. I'm going with my girl to a national-level diving meet in Orlando, Florida. I will be sitting at a pool for 5 days. The pool is covered but not closed, there is no air conditioning or even fans. The temperature will hover around 95F and it will storm every afternoon. Can you feel the schvitziness of it?

What do you think is foremost on my mind? What fiber projects to take. It doesn't matter that I will be in a heat coma and chewing ice like a cow on her cud will be all I will be capable of. I will still pack several projects, and there will be wool. I usually bring a little knitting, a spindle, a tiny bit of embroidery and now, a sample loom.

 I have to bring them just in case. What if we have a delayed flight? What if the temperature mysteriously drops 40 degrees? What if I see another knitter or spinner and have nothing to show them - no flag of solidarity to wave? If any of these things happen, I will be set and content. I do the same with books. I always bring too many (and always bring physical books) just in case.

I will admit that I mostly like to have them for comfort. I like to plan what to take. I like to see them in my bag. I like knowing they are there if I need them. The world seems rocky and unsettled these days and sometimes a little fiber time is what I need to get through.