A Making Goal for 2017

I have a making goal for 2017, one that I hope will kick me out of my swatching rut. I want to make 12 things to wear. Most things will be accessories and not all will be handspun. I do hope to knit two sweaters, one in handspun and one in commercial yarn. One year I want to join those intrepid knitters that make 12 sweaters in one year - that excites me but I know it's too much for me to go from 4"x4" swatches to 12 sweaters. Look at this old dog learning new tricks!

I have already spun for two projects, a cowl (the big blue swatch) and a hat. The fiber in the photo is destined to become singles and knit into a lace scarf.

There are several dyers that are new to me or have fallen out of my spinning rotation that I want to spin, at least 10. The spinners that read the KnittyBlog gave me a fantastic list of dyers to try. I need to line up my first few.

What will you be spinning and making in 2017?