Friday Fun: A Movie

I've set aside part of every Friday to refill my tank after the week. Something that is just for me.

Today I am going to see a movie at 11 am, which feels seriously wanton to me. Going out to the movies is something that I enjoy immensely, but it's easy to let fall away. I woke up happy this morning, knowing I had movies plans.

Because I'm not used to flinging away time on a working day, I will be knitting a big swatch for a pattern during the movie. Now don't get me wrong, I waste a lot of time during a working day. I usually fritter it away, rarely do I plan to just step away and relax. It's exciting.

My swatch is for a cabled cowl. My first swatch was the standard 4x4, done simulating knitting in the round.  Something isn't right, but I won't be able to tell what's wrong until the swatch is bigger. I know part of it is gauge, because isn't it always?

What are you doing for yourself today?