Post Teaching Reentry: An Introvert's Guide


I'm back from teaching at SAFF, which was amazing, but more on that another day.

I'm getting ready to teach for the Butler Spinning and Weaving Guild this weekend which I'm excited about, but first I need a little reentry time.

Post teaching reentry is a very particular thing, especially for an introvert like me. I love teaching and talking to people, but I need some very much quiet and alone time to recharge before I jump up an do it again.

When I get home from teaching, I'm physically and mentally tired, but I am so high on all of of the people, connections and ideas that teaching brings my way. It can be hard to balance those two states of mind for me.

I rarely have the time to take whole days off after teaching, there are emails, piles of paper, class reviews, other deadlines and of course all of the people at home that I want to spend time with.

Instead of whole days, I take bits of a few days to recharge. I do a few things every time in the days post teaching:

  • I cut my caffeine in half, but spread it out through the day. It's OK to be tired.
  • I take 30 minutes a couple times during the day to read or nap.
  • I talk as little as possible.
  • I bake something.
  • I make huge lists - all of my ideas, things I'm worried about not getting done, new things I want to try, everything that crosses my mind goes onto paper for a couple of days. I make my lists on paper with lots of pens.
  • I work with a daily goal and stay off of all social media. It's amazing what I can get done without the help of Instagram.
  • I do more small tasks than thinking work. I unpack, do laundry, go through emails, sort fiber.
  • Mostly, I hang out with my family as much as I can.

I've done this for the past couple of days and now I feel ready to pack up and head to Butler to teach with a huge smile on my face.

How do you recharge?