Shop Visit: HipStrings

hipstrings fiber collage.jpg


In between teaching classes for the Butler Spinning and Weaving Guild, I was lucky to have dinner with Jill of Hipstrings and visit her shop.

Sigh, it was heaven. I've bought fiber and tools from her online and in person at a retreat, but to be faced with a freshly stocked shop was the best.

I fell deeper in love with several of her fibers, and am stalking sweater patterns because I can't get one of her yarns out of my head.

I bought some of her Merino/silk in the Supernatural colorway for a Knittyspin column and project.

I bought one of her sparkle fibers (merino/bamboo/silk/stellina) in the Lapis Lazuli colorway. This one has already been claimed by the daughter, "a cowl, please. I love you". One sparkly cowl coming up.

I couldn't stop touching her 62.%5 Polwarth /25%silk /12.5% flax blend. The flax adds body, but no stiffness to the yarn. Jill had a crocheted shawl made from it for me to fondle.


hipstrings jill & yarn.jpg


Her Buoy fiber and yarn has my brain chugging on all sorts of things.

I bought a sampler of the fiber, because I couldn't decide on a color. She has Buoy yarn too, and that's what I want to knit a sweater out of.

The fiber blend of both is an unusual 37.5% BFL/37.5% Shetland/ 25% Manx Loaghtan. I can't quit petting the fiber. Running my hand on the outside of the fiber, it feels like Shetland, but when I squeeze it, I get the silky of the BFL and spring of the Manx, even though it's really well blended. I can't wait to spin this.

Jill is a wonderful mad scientist of a fiber artist!

If you are near Pittsburgh this Saturday (November 11) she, along with 27 other fiber artists will be selling at Indie Knit & Spin. I wish I could go!