Garne Selbst Spinnen

german cover.jpg

A package from my publisher landed on on doorstep yesterday. I wasn't expecting anything, so I assumed that it was a book to review. Nope, not even close.

Yarnitecture has been translated into German!

I'd heard that it was going to happen, but had completely forgotten about it. What an unexpected happy thing for my week!





achtung kurven.jpg


I tried to find it on, but it's not listed yet. I did, however, discover that this isn't the first of my books to be translated into German.

Check out Big Girl Knits! Out of print, but still fantastic - Achtung Kurven!

german layout.jpg






If any German spinners spots Garne Selbst Spinnen in the wild I'd love a photo.

Glückliches Spinnen!!