My Key to Enjoying the Holidays - I Treat Myself Like a Preschooler

We almost always host Christmas, which for us lasts two to three days. One day relatives, one day our little family, and one day our love family.


The part that is rough is my own clashing expectations of doing all the things and simultaneously lounging in my jammies relaxing. Plus, people all the time. That is the part of being an introvert that is 100% for me, being around people is exhausting, even when I very much want to hangout with all of my people.

I have devised a way to make those in-house Christmas days fabulous for me. I treat myself like a preschooler. I think back to when my kids were little and how I'd get ready to spend a long day anywhere with them. I'd make sure they had the things that kept them relaxed and happy and I do that for myself.

I have a spot that is mine. I claim a spot that will be mine for three days. I'm lucky being a spinner because my spot is dead obvious - it's the one with the spinning wheel in front of it. My wheel also blocks anyone from going near my spot. Note that my spot has excellent light, extra pillows, an optional heating pad and a plug to charge my phone.



I have a basket of toys. Spinning, knitting, stitching, even a little weaving is all at hand in my basket. Every project is an easy one, suitable for chatting or movie watching. I make sure to have all of the tools, fiber and yarn that I need in the basket - no hunting for bobbins, the next ball of yarn or snips.

I have my favorite snacks. Notice the peppermint Joe-Joes in the middle of the basket, there might be chocolate hidden in there too.




bags ipod Collage.jpg

I keep go-bags in case I have to relocate. These three bags hold a different craft, knitting, spindle spinning and stitching. In case the socializing takes me to a different room or someone takes my spot (the nerve!), I can grab one and be happy.

I have a story. An audiobook is critical to my peace over the holidays. I can cook, clean, craft, be a little bit in my own world in the midst of it all. 

I only wear comfortable clothes and I nap when I need it. I love all of my families enough to know when I need a nap.

I do a lot of cooking, cleaning and socializing over Christmas and knowing I have my spot and stuff at hand makes me a happier Christmas elf.

I wish you all Happy Holidays!