Roller Pin Question, EDSK to the Rescue & the Holidays Are Coming

I'm feeling a little rattled by Christmas, it's coming soon. I think I have everything on track, but I'm not sure. And honestly, I don't really want to check.

pin in .JPG


I had some questions about the roller pins in my Everyday Spin Kit. What are they and what are they for?

They are nylon pins used to hold plastic hair rollers in place for a wet-set.

My mom had those giant pink rollers to help her approximate a Mary Tyler Moore flip hairdo. I can still smell the Aquanet.

I use them for cleaning out my hand cards. The are flexible and don't nick the carding cloth.



pliers collage.jpg

My Everyday Spin Kit saved my spinning today. I was setting up my Lendrum and the nut that helps to hold the flyer head on had wiggled out of place. I knew I needed a set of small pliers and I knew exactly where to find them in my EDSK. Bonus, my oil pen was in the kit too, so I oiled my wheel before I sat down to spin.


Christmas is approaching with the speed and subtlety of a muscle car.

I wasn't really going to make any gifts, but changed my mind, I'm making three and two don't have to be ready until after Christmas. They are all easy, I'm no fool.  

First up, I'm making a hat out of this gorgeous nubbly yarn. 2x2 rib watch cap, which I can knit it in my sleep or at The Last Jedi where I'll be tomorrow afternoon. 

I hope your holidays plans are going or shaping up smoothly!