Everyday Spin Kit

pastic bag empty kit collage.jpg

I have a lot of small spinning tools, I have the ones I use myself for spinning and I have the ones I use and share when I teach. I usually keep them in ziploc bags, inside a bigger bag with medium and bigger tools like a yarn balance, handcards, a niddy noddy, my steamer and the like.  Right now it's all a big mess, especially the small tools. My personal, favorite tools and my teaching tools have migrated to a couple of giant ziploc bags, and I have to go through a gallon bag of control cards and various gauges to find my one favorite.

spiff spin up close collage.jpg

This week with deadlines looming and holiday prep tapping me on the shoulder, I decided to do something about it. Not necessarily organize all of my tools, that would be crazy, but to create an Everyday Spin Kit. I have a Tom Bihn Spiff Kit which is 9.5” x 5.7” x 2.6”, that I'm going to use as my Spin Kit.

spiff spin collage 1.jpg

Ziploc bags are practical, but the Bihn bag brings practical and cute, especially in bright purple (Ultraviolet in Bihn). While this bag didn't hold enough for me as a toiletries/makeup kit, it holds a lot of spinning tools. Even with the pockets full of tools there was still space to put something that wouldn't fit in a compartment between the compartments before I zipped it all up. 

Everyday Spin Kit.jpg

Here's what's in my kit: Needle gauge with a ruler, several spinner's control cards, WPI gauge, 2 twist angle gauges (one with a magnifier), three sizes of tags, tyvek wristbands, stickers, sharpie, scale, chalk line cotton, seine twine, elastics for my Lendrum, mini Eucalan, oil, roller pins, binder clip, clothes pins, 1 yard niddy noddy, a whale orifice hook, scissors, a tool that is pliers + 3 flat head and 3 phillips head screwdrivers, and scissors.

Here's what I know is missing: a small set of allen wrenches, a smaller hole punch, maybe a spindle.

What else would you add?