A Quick Vacation Update



I'm back from my vacation and it was as wonderful as everyone said it would be.

The part I didn't anticipate was how hard it would be to jump into life and work when I got back.

My brain rested, it saw beautiful things and spoke to new people and thought about things other than email and dinner. It just doesn't want to get back to details, so I am slow even a week after getting back.

The whole family is rested and happy.

Later I will dig deeper into what I saw and can't stop thinking about. But for now here are some very random photos from our foray.

The Eiffel Tower. We had perfect weather like this for our whole trip.

How did sculptors manage to make hair look so real?

The modern stained glass windows at Notre Dame really want to be a weaving.

I can't go into a castle without think of Monty Python.

We drank a lot of beer.

How is Prague such a magical city? Parts of it are Disneyland-crowded and touristy, but I can't wait to go back.

And Hild is an excellent novel, I highly recommend it!